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The Paving and Groundwork Company can provide you with the best service, and surface, to add to your home or gardens aesthetics.  If you’re looking into having some tarmac laid give us a call today for a no obligation quote and to discuss your options.  There are 3 ‘main’ ways of laying tarmac.

Hand Laid Tarmac

This type of tarmac is best for domestic driveways, footpaths or other smaller paved areas.

Machine Laid Tarmac

This is generally used for much larger areas that would just take too long to do by hand, or long stretches of tarmac. Eg, a road.  We can supply you with machine laid tarmac for a larger driveway, a forecourt or any large area requiring a hard surface.


It’s becoming increasingly common these days to lay down SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) on public roads as it decreases traffic noise and provides an altogether smoother surface.  If you’re interested in having this applied to your tarmacked areas we are up for the job!  It requires a machine to lay it so this is generally only considered for a large scale area.
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